Dr. Rahul Anant Joshi

Dr. Rahul Anant Joshi

Head of School

Dear students, parents and our colleagues from the industry, very warm greetings to you all, and welcome to the exciting and rewarding World of Petroleum!!!

The thirst of energy of mankind goes back to the early history of civilization but the era of modern industrialization has implied us to explore and extract new energy resources to fulfill the demand. The late nineteenth century was a classic example of this “Black Gold Rush”. Even after a span of hundred and seventy years, the rush is continued with changed paradigms. Earlier, we were looking for coal followed by crude oil then natural gas and now a new era of unconventional resources to accomplish the demand. To meet such demand for energy /crude oil, the petroleum industry and academia have undergone many structural changes with evolving new concepts e.g. deep sea exploration, enhanced oil recovery.

To address such challenges, we at School of Petroleum Engineering (SoPE), MIT WPU, have designed and upgraded our curriculum. Here students are fostered with substantial inputs on petroleum exploration, well engineering, reservoir and production engineering, economic analysis, along with hands-on practical training with various proprietary softwares such as Kappa suite, CMG, Opendtect etc.

The beginnings of all great things start with one step. Such a step was initiated by our beloved founder Hon’ble Prof Dr. Vishwanath Karad Sir in 1983 by instituting the flagship institute-Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) Pune, catering engineering education with Petroleum Engineering as one of the undergraduate courses offered. This way we became the second school in India offering a course in Petroleum Engineering.

Thus inheriting the legacy of about four decades, under the banner of MIT WPU, the SoPE is evolved to face the new era of unconventional energy resources as well as an age of clean and alternate fuels. Our programs of undergraduate, post graduate and Ph D in Petroleum Engineering, are enabled to add those additional drops of oil for our country, which relies heavily on import of oil and gas to meet its energy requirements.

We at SoPE, deliver our curricula having an emphasis on “connecting-the-dots” between classroom lessons and their real-world applications through professional interactions, interactions and field visits and student chapter activities. Our School is located in the main campus of MIT WPU with inspiring and state of the art facilities. We are a strong team of twelve faculty members delivering all domains of hydrocarbon industry.

The erstwhile program of Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering was duly accredited by National Board of Accreditation, Government of India in 2003, 2008 and 2015. Our curriculum is based on the competency matrix of Society of Petroleum Engineers, International which is intended to prepare the student with the fundamentals necessary to achieve lifelong professional development. These graduates are prepared to join both the Exploration and Production (E&P) and service sectors companies or to pursue further education as per their interest in higher studies and research.

We provide quality teaching and excellent exposure to students during their education in the department. Field visits are also arranged to understand exposed sedimentary basins on one side and industrial field familiarization program on the other side for the benefit of students. We promote our students to undergo minimum two to three months summer or winter internships to understand the working environment of the petroleum industry. They are also encouraged to carry out their projects on live data with the support from alumni and industry. We also have couple of research projects funded by Govt of India, where, students can explore their quest for research.

We are confident that at SoPE, the academic engagements are challenging, enriching and aimed at enhancing persona. Our best wishes for a wonderful start and your journey of education in Petroleum Engineering at MIT-WPU to be a pleasant and successful learning experience. We look forward to be associated closely with you.