1. Dr. Samarth Patwardhan (in collaboration with Techniche Engg Pvt. Ltd.,Pune) received grant of INR 83,54,336/- for the project “Experimental Investigations on Nano-Dust Mitigation Hazard” under the IRRD scheme of SERB, DST, Govt. of India. The project aims at mitigating hazards caused by dust explosion, thereby making workplaces safer for people across industries

2. Dr. Minal Deshmukh received grant of Rs. 49.85 Lakhs for the project “Utilization of nonedible de oiled cakes for environmental sustainability” under scheme for young scientists, SEED division, DST, Govt. of India. The project aims at providing environmentally friendly solution for the major issue of disposal of the waste de oiled cakes from various industries (oil and gas, biodiesel etc.)